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Spice Girls Tour '19


The Spice Girls are ready to “spice up your life” once again. The English pop girl group announced that they will embark on their first tour since 2008 via social media on Monday (Nov. 5). Although Victoria Beckham will not be joining them, the other four spice girls (Mel B, Emma Bunton, Melanie C and Geri Halliwell) are set to perform six shows across the U.K.



Your 3-night accommodation at the Residence Inn London Bridge, double beds, Breakfast daily, tea time on a cruise, Hop on Hop off tour bus ticket for the entire weekend, private shuttle to and from the airport, Floor Standing Spice Girl tickets, and a trip related gift from Step N2 Paradise.


  • Double Occupancy (including activity booking) = $980 per person

  • Triple Occupancy (including activity booking)) = $800 per person

  • Quad Occupancy (including activity booking)) = $615 per person


Coming solo? Submit me your information a roommate match HERE!


Purchase Travel Insurance


AIRFARE IS NOT INCLUDED (only from certain airports)


Type G adapter for European electric outlets


Once you purchase your flight you should enter your flight information into our database, so we can ensure a shuttle is ready to transfer you to resort. Enter your flight info HERE !


Your passport needs to be at least six months beyond the date of your arrival in the United Kingdom. If your passport does not meet these requirements, you will be denied entry.


Avoid traveling to isolated areas late at night.




June 13 - June 16

Payment schedule:

A non-refundable deposit amount of $120 per person will due upon booking

100% of the balance is due April 6, 2019

Your monthly amount will be submitted to your email based upon your home airport.

Please contact us if you need an extension

Refund/cancellations policy:

Refunds for this Spice Girl trip will not be permitted. Please make sure you will be attending before booking. This is because we have contractual agreements with the hotel and airlines that will not allow refunds.

It is your responsibility to maintain the payments and notify the company if you are not able to follow through with payments.

Please read our Terms & Conditions.

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